Hundreds of years ago, artists invested time and talent into perfecting techniques that captured life on canvas. These artists worked tirelessly to capture the images of royalty throughout the world. They poured everything into encapsulating the essence of each royal they portrayed – aspiring to depict the king’s breath in a single moment. These artists created a standard by which fine portraits and great portrait artists are measured today: the ability to create art that breathes.

Dedicated to maintaining this standard in his painting, Enkone creates unrivaled portraits that are as exceptional as they are irreplaceable. Beginning with a camera study and image refinement, the visual rendering is hand painted on artist”s canvas in mixed mediums, using an opulent palette of colors. The result is exceptional beauty.

Enkone specializes in what many others fail to achieve: preserving your memories for eternity. His technique combines impeccable photo- realism with the enduring elegance of painting. His exquisite portraits attest to his decades of experience designing art in every medium.

We invite you to experience the pleasure of having your own Enkone original created in your home or at our Los Angeles Studio.

               For Connoisseurs of fine art who appreciate the splendor of a painted portrait:

               THE ENKONE ORIGINAL.


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